Travis J. Morrissey, Attorney at Law  

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Practice Areas

As an attorney, I have handled a variety of cases.  I have provided personalized and experienced legal services to thousands of individuals and corporations while assisting them with business issues as well as civil litigation.  In my years of representing business clients, I have enjoyed handling the small business sales as well as the multi-million dollar sales or financing.  I have advised both banks and borrowers in a variety of complex situations.

I also have drafted will and trusts for individuals and couples wishing to provide for their heirs.  I have found that people take great pleasure in creating a will or trust which provides for the financial security of their children or relatives.  

I regularly handle criminal law and DWI cases inside the State of Arkansas and, on occasion, outside the state.  I have assisted thousands of individuals charged with State and Federal  Crimes.  As a criminal defefense lawyer, I must think outside the box and diligently evalutate the evidence that sometimes seems stacked against a criminal defendant.  I have handled all types of criminal cases from the low level misdemeanors to the most complex white collar federal cases.